Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hip Replacement Questions

Oh what a difference a day can make.  I've been all set to see the surgeon on Friday and to have my hip replacement in 3 weeks.  All preparations had been made and my home care lined out.  Then last night my daughter called to say she has to have surgery on her shoulder.  The same surgery her twin sister had to have 6 weeks ago.  Since she was my designated home care provider I don't know what I'm going to do now.

Has anyone had a hip replacement?  Can anyone tell me how long you need help at home after surgery?  I can't find any information on the internet and we are trying to figure out what to do next.  Ron is off work for 12 days but we don't know if that will be enough time or just how long I will need help at home.

I really don't want to have to postpone my surgery just as I have gotten myself psyched up to do it.  But we will do whatever the doctor recommends.  

I've been reading all the hip precautions that are necessary after surgery and one big one is that whenever you are sitting and whenever you get in our out of a seated position (i.e., flex or bend at the hip or waist), you must keep your knees separated a shoulder width or more.  Really?  I've been conditioned as a female since I was a little girl to always and I mean always, keep my knees together!!!!!  This one will be a hard habit to break!


Deb said...

Hi Dani,
A relative of mine just had a hip replacement and was out of the hospital the next day and back to normal activity, with some precautions in a few days. She's 72 and active. The doctor told her recovery is a lot easier, less painful and quicker when you have the surgery before you break your hip, as opposed to a repair.

Hope you find that is the case too.
HUgs from Canada

kenju said...

I have not had one, but I know quite a few who have and barring complications, they are up and about soon. That part about keeping your feet at shoulder width is good for everyone, especially as you get older and have less muscle mass. The therapists have told my Jim that, many times.

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Ginnie said...

I found Deb's comment to be interesting about the difference with a hip replacement vs. having a fractured hip. I fx. my hip two years ago and it was quite a few weeks before I was even out of rehab. I do have friends who have had knee replacements and they are up and around in a short time (1 to 2 weeks)so I would imagine it would be the same. I have done the warm up exercises for Tai Chi for years & my surgeon said I could do that as soon as I was comfortable with it but be sure to keep my feet apart shoulder-width when reaching to the floor ... so I guess that is validating what your after surgery hip precautions read.

Olga Hebert said...

I really know nothing about hip replacement, but I do hope things can be worked out so that there will not be a delay for you.

oklhdan said...

Thanks everyone for the information. It sounds like I have nothing to worry about and a lot to look forward to.