Thursday, May 1, 2014

Good Day

I'm feeling blessed today.  My sweet daughter hired a professional cleaning service to clean Mike's house.  What a gift!  Jamie knew I couldn't do it and she thought that would be something that would ease my mind and it sure did!  Mike said, "My house sure does smell gooooooood." 

I took Mike to see his psychiatrist this morning and today is one of those rare days when he sounded like his old self.  He was very clear headed.  He asked me on the way to the doctor's if maybe he should have gone to grief counseling through hospice after our mother died.  He said he wonders if it might have prevented his psychotic break.  Then he said, "Well, that's water under the bridge now."

He was also dressed up in his khaki slacks, plaid shirt and dress jacket that Ron and I got him last year.  He looked quite dapper!!!!  Dr. Stanbro wants to see him again in Aug. to see how he is handling my surgery and not being as accesible to him.

Mike is dealing well with Jim's death.  He says the key to his sanity is staying busy.  He's right.  I just have to keep coming up with things he can do and enjoy.  He's now doing Yoga, Aerobics, Tai Chi and Western Line Dancing.  That's a lot of exercise but he seems to enjoy it all.  I wish I could be as active......maybe later! is a blessed day.  I feel relaxed and hopeful!


kenju said...

It's good to know he is getting along so well.

Olga Hebert said...

Mike is certainly getting lots of exercise. Good for hit by the sounds--and it also sounds that what is good for him is good for you. Your daughter is thoughtful and sweet.

kenju said...

Re your comment: no, I didn't lose weight, I was only there for 2 days.