Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Counting Down

Today is our 3rd Anniversary and number 3 is leather.  Soooo I got Ron a new leather desk chair!   He's wanted a new chair for awhile because we've just been using a dining room chair and it isn't very comfortable.  So I thought leather....then I thought watch, whips, or desk chair...... The desk chair won!
I don't think we are going out to dinner tonight because I'm usually just too tired after work so I got some steaks to grill outside and we may just have a nice cozy dinner at home.

I have two huge boxes full of cards that Ron has given me over the years.  I've saved every one of them because I thought they would be a comfort to me if anything were to happen to Ron.  I'd re-read each and every one of them.  He always signs them "All my heart, all my love, all my life!"

The mother of one of my daughter's students posted a picture of her little girl on facebook.  The child was sleeping and her mother said,  "I peeked in Mila's room tonight to kiss her goodnight and found her sleeping with a picture of her kindergarten teacher."   Her teacher is my daughter!  Is that not the sweetest thing?  It made Julie cry!

The countdown has begun.....5 weeks from today....New Hip!!!!!!!


Olga Hebert said...

That is so romantic.

kenju said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Aunt Betsy said...

I love both stories---about the cards and about the little girl. Sounds like your daughter is a wonderful teacher and your Ron is a wonderful husband. Happy Anniversary!

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary! Ron sounds like a romantic which is lovely. I have a wonderful but somewhat clueless (LOL) husband on the "romantic gestures". He did write a two line "poem" a few years ago and send it to me by e-mail on our anniversary.

But underneath is what counts, and it is what you and Ron and me and my beloved share, a rock solid relationship, a true partnership. So here's to a TRULY happy celebration of your third year together as husband and wife and wishes for many more to come.

Love and Hugs from Canada,