Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Survival Mode

When your life is consumed with surviving each day there just isn’t much else on your mind.  Between fending off one crisis or another with my brother, trying to physically manage going to work every day and waiting for another shoe to drop,  I’m just too tired to be chipper!

Ron has his CT scan this Friday and results next week.  We knew we had to get past one more before my surgery so we are holding our breath that everything is still good and nothing new growing.  I’m afraid that if we heard bad news right now that would pretty much just shove me over the edge.  But I’m sure we would deal with it just like we have in the past.  Those spots in his right lung are just sitting there baiting the hell out of us.

Wow….this will be surgery #4 between the two of us in the past five years.  Plus my daughters have had 6 surgeries between the two of them in the past 3 years.   We need a wing just for my family at the hospital.

I saw the funniest cartoon the other day.  A woman was lying on a couch in a psychiatrist's office.  The doctor said, "Do any of your family members suffer from mental illness?"  "No, they pretty much seem to enjoy it" she replied.  


Aunt Betsy said...

Oh my goodness! That is a LOT of surgeries. I hope you get good news and that June comes quickly. Hang in there.

Deb said...

I hear ya. It's hard to climb out of the "where did my health and energy go?" hole. For one thing your energy is down there in the hole and it doesn't feel like you have what it takes to battle the succession of challenges you face.

My mother always said, "Don't borrow trouble." (She was generous and gave me plenty!)

There are times when it gets you down, but I find a good night's sleep and a pain pill to slap back the worst of the devil who has set up housekeeping in my spine and I cheer up, at least enough to cope. There's no denying some days I wish I drank. :D

Warm loving hugs from the far north!