Friday, March 14, 2014

When the patient becomes the caregiver

Last night I was telling Ron that I'm so sorry that he has to do so much and that I'm such a slug.  I told him I can't wait to get my surgery over with so I can go back to taking care of him.  He so sweetly reminded me that we take care of each other.  How true...
That's what relationships are all about and I'm so lucky to have such a loving and kind partner in life.  

It's hard to believe that 10 months ago he was having part of his lung removed.  You'd never know it by looking at him.  Now I'm about to have a hip replacement.  Maybe next year we will both be well enough to actually take a trip or just enjoy life a little bit.  That's my prayer anyway.

Mike has been a little on the wacky side lately.  He obsesses over things so much.  I am definitely worried how he will handle my surgery.  It breaks my heart every time I read about the cuts being made to mental health.  I just think about all the people who have no families to help care for them.  It's like we have become a nation of people who no longer care about anything.  I know that I'm generalizing and that isn't right but it sure feels like we are losing compassion.  I hope I'm wrong!


kenju said...

Some of us still have it, but the idea of us being "our brother's keeper" is going out the window fast. It is a darn shame that people cannot see that we are all better off when we take care of each other. I am including in that people whom we have never met. It can only improve all our lives when we do so.

Olga said...

Very sweet that Ron said you take care of each other. That seems to be so true. You are fortunate to have each other.
It does seem that compassion is no longer a part of our national character, but I always hope that those who scream the loudest about cutting back on the funds we "waste" on human services are the vocal minority and that common sense will carry the day.

Aunt Betsy said...

I saw my psychiatrist this week and was just devastated. I go to a clinic that is free for some and on a sliding scale for the rest of us that qualify. I guess budget cuts have hit there as well. I was told my psychiatrist was leaving and I would be seen by a nurse practitioner from now on. oh my. Those of us struggling with mental illness NEED a psychiatrist ... I am not sure a nurse practitioner will work out well for us, but I hope so.

oklhdan said...

Oh Betsy I'm so sorry to hear that. Not only are we losing psychiatrists we are losing family practitioners and doctors in general. I hope the nurse practitioner works out for you!

Deb said...

The lack of mental health care is a crisis situation, but it has been for years. 45 years ago I tried to get help for a friend who was depressed and suicidal and there was nothing but the state mental hospital, which was like checking into prison.

I understand why they closed those places down, but they were supposed to set up community care for patients coming out of institutions.

Unfortunately "community care" translated into putting patients on the street with $50 and a change of clothes and congratulating them on their "freedom" to choose their own care.

We abandoned our most vulnerable, who were soon seen begging on the streets for food, quickly falling into addictions trying to self-treat with alcohol and street drugs.