Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Somebody tell my Governor that bullying is NOT OK!

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is warning educators that continuing public criticism of the state’s A-F school grading system may affect whether common education gets additional funding next fiscal year.  Hmmmmmmm does that sound like a threat?  Talk about a bully and this from a woman who is a member of a political party that constantly screams about their "constitutional rights".  I guess freedom of speech only applies to whether you are agreeing with them or not.  My favorite quote is this, “The fact of the matter is this grading system, regardless of whether or not you believe it should have been put together differently, is the law.”  Now, isn't that what we said about the Affordable Healthcare Act, Governor Fallin?  
I have such a problem living in a state run by political hypocrites!


Olga said...

I think that you are on to something. It does seem as though rights are more and more meaning "my right to the truth and your right to agree with me or be wrong."

Deb said...

Aghhhh, appalling lack of logic. And more and more it seems the political right seems to think bullying is governing.