Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I am really tired of hurting.  Every day it gets to be a bigger and bigger struggle just to walk.  When I've sat at my desk for about an hour I have so much pain when I get up and try to walk.  I use a cane but I've put so much stress on my wrist that now IT hurts as well.  I'll be so glad when June gets here. 

I was thinking yesterday about all the lessons I took as a kid.  I took piano lessons for about dance lessons for about 4 years, piano lessons 10 years, and voice lessons for about 6 years.  All that and I don't have a lick of talent. 

I did enjoy playing the piano but I hated recitals.  I no longer play since I've had hand surgeries.  In fact I'm giving my piano away to someone who will enjoy it.  Right now it is just being used as a very large sofa table.........  

I took voice lessons hoping to be more like my mother (She sang opera) but I never had the pipes for that.  I was hard to hear even with a microphone........I remember in high school I was in a folk group (remember folk music?) I was the one with the tambourine.  Every time I had a solo part I'd drown myself out beating on the tambourine. 

Dancing........omg.....I have some rhythm but two left feet.  I did tap, ballet, jazz, you name it and none of it with grace.  I've always loved ballroom dancing but where on earth do you find a partner you don't have to pay to dance with you?  Ron is worse than me....he has two left feet and NO rhythm.  We did take swing lessons in preparation for my daughter's 40th swing birthday party.  We got one step down and danced it all night. 

I took guitar lessons for a very short time (just until my fingers started to hurt) and managed to learn 3 cords. 

You'd think with all the lessons I've had I'd be at least mediocre at something!



Olga said...

Keep dancing, keep singing.

Aunt Betsy said...

Dance like no one is watching, I say. :) I can't sing, dance, or play anything. I really can't carry a tune at all and have always wished I could sing.