Monday, March 17, 2014

Another one bites the dust

Well another weekend of recliner sitting.  I spend my entire weekends laying in the recliner icing my hip.  This is starting to get very old.  It takes the entire weekend to recover from the work week and to get ready for the next one.  I did manage to put a pot of ham/beans on for Mike.  That's about the extent of my accomplishments.  

Ron however ran around all over the place.  He took Mike to church, did the grocery shopping and then took Mike out to purchase tennis shoes.  I just wish I could have seen that fiasco.  Ron said it was like taking a 4 year old shopping.  I can only imagine.

Ron had no more returned home when Mike called with one of his "emergencies".  He couldn't get his radio to work.  Ron drove over to his house and found that it wasn't turned on.......Between all the phone calls and "emergencies" I'm really looking forward to anesthesia.  I just feel bad that Ron will be dealing with things all alone while I'm blissfully sleeping away.


Aunt Betsy said...

Ron sure is a good guy. Maybe this week will be easier.

Deb said...

Ron's a keeper, and your hip is NOT. I'll be so glad when you get that problem taken care of. I know you will be too.

Hugs from Canada!

Olga said...

you are strong. My self-medication efforts were I in your situation would include lots of ice, but not resting on my hip. Ron is an angel in disguise. Not even in disguise. He is an angel.

kenju said...

I feel for you, especially with having to ice your hip. Thank Heaven that Ron is willing to help you with Mike.