Friday, January 17, 2014

Things I didn't know until today!

You know how they say we learn something every day.  Well yesterday I learned that there is no difference in recovery time between the anterior and posterior hip replacement.  The precautions are the same and the chance of hip dislocation the same.  I also learned I'm not a candidate for the anterior approach anyway because my hip, according to the doctor, is "rusted shut."  He said it will not move the way it needs to move in order for them to do the anterior approach.

My surgery will be either the end of March or first of April.  We are waiting for the clinic to get back to us with the date and place.  They work out of two hospitals and we don't know which one I will go to at this time.  I'll be in the hospital approximately 4 days and then to a rehab center for a week.  Then I'll have 4 weeks of PT in my home and then 4 weeks of outpatient therapy.  

So, that's what I know about that.

Oh, there is a foot union.  Orthopedist couldn't help me with my foot issue but told me to see a podiatrist.  I'm thinking plantar fasciitis or bone spur.....that's according to Dr. Google!

Now here's a bit of information you may or may not know.  I didn't know it until today.

Earwax can tell you if you need to use deodorant or not.
White, flaky ear gunk most likely means you could toss the deodorant stick. Dark and sticky wax... not so fast! Dry earwax producers are missing a chemical in their pits that the odor-causing bacteria feed on, according to LiveScience.  Dark and sticky......not so much!

So, do you feel enlightened?  I do!!!!!  But I can't throw away my deodorant....


Aunt Betsy said...

I know you are anxious to get the surgery done and over with ... may it be scheduled soon and you on the road the a fast recovery!

Olga said...

Well, thank-you for passing on these tidbits of information even as you prepare for surgery. i wonder who studies these things.