Monday, January 6, 2014


Ron and I had a movie date yesterday to see "Saving Mr. Banks".  We loaded up the wheelchair and away we went.  This was the first time I've used the chair to go see a movie and it worked great.  I wasn't exhausted from trying to walk a long distance.  We just parked it in the accessible seating area and I transferred to a regular seat by my sweetie.  Of course I don't know how much of a hassle it was for Ron since he had to push me but for me it was no problem!

Now, the was FANTASTIC!  I knew nothing about the author of "Mary Poppins" so I had no idea what the story was about.  But.....let me say it is an emotionally gripping story and it was so well done.  I even caught a huge tear streaming down my husband's cheek and he never cries.  If you don't see it in a theater definitely rent it when it comes out.

Today is a 14 hour day for me so I'd better get busy.  I'm going to be exhausted by the end of it but I see my primary care doctor tomorrow.


Aunt Betsy said...

I can hardly wait to see it! Glad you got to go and have a good time.

Deb said...

I'm glad to hear a review about "Saving Mr. Banks". We don't go to the movies because Tony can't sit up long enough to last through a movie, so we always wait for the DVD.

I loved the book as a child, more than the movie, but love to watch Emma Thomson in any role. So now I'll wait for the DVD with anticipation. :) Thanks!

Lisa said...

Hi there, I read your blog regularly but don't usually comment, but I thought I I might be able to help you with your Facebook problem. while you're on your Facebook page in the upper right-hand corner there is a picture that looks like a little padlock with three little white lines to the right of it, click on that icon, when the little drop-down window opens at the bottom it will say "see more settings" click on that. now on the upper left click on general, when that window opens it should say general account settings, in the middle of that window should be the word language on the left, if you follow that line across to the right click on the word edit, this should open a little drop-down box that says choose primary where you should be able to click on the up-and-down arrows and change it to English, once you've done this don't forget to click save changes and you should be back to English, hope this helps :)

oklhdan said...

Wow....thanks Lisa...I'm now out of Portugal and back home. I can't thank you enough! I don't know why I was having so much trouble figuring it out but your directions worked perfectly!

Anonymous said...

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