Monday, January 13, 2014

Ready for Spring

The last Christmas wreath went back in storage this weekend and there are no longer any remnants of the holidays scattered about the house.  Now we move on to spring!

This was a quiet weekend.  Ron and I were both too tired to do much.  Ron did take Bella to the vet Saturday morning and the vet commented on her scraggly appearance.  I challenge the man to hang on to that 6 pound squirming rattle snake and groom her......go right ahead, I'll watch!

This little 6 pound pile of dynamite has been expelled from 4 dog grooming establishments.  She doesn't bite anyone she just wiggles and squirms and occasionally growls and now no one will touch her.  So I felt like such a bad dog grandma I had Ron hold her and I went to cutting.......If the vet thought she looked bad before he should see her now!   OMG....

I finally got the x-ray issue resolved.  After 3 phone calls I'm picking them up this afternoon.  I DO NOT have to go to Okla. City to get them and I will have them in my hand at 4:00 this afternoon.  Glad that is settled.

I have a very busy week ahead so I'd better get my nose back to the grind stone.

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Aunt Betsy said...

LOL! I want to see before and after photos of Bella!