Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre-Surgery stuff.........

Thanks to Lisa...a blog reader.....my Facebook is no longer in Portuguese............I'm speaking English again.  THANKS Lisa for your help!

I saw my Primary Care physician this morning and had chest x-ray, EKG, stress test and got a pneumonia shot, blood work and all my meds filled and thanks to my Choctaw grandmother it didn't cost me a nickel.  Wish I could say that about my insurance.  I never forget how blessed I am for my native American roots.  So with all the pre-surgery stuff out of the way I'm ready to proceed to the specialist.  I also got my application for a temporary handicapped parking decal.

Ron gets his CT results this afternoon.  I always do my anxiety dance about now.  I get superstitious because last time I was unable to go with him and he had a great report.  Now I think I can't go this time because I might jynx the report.  I know that's crazy but I feel the same way when Oklahoma Sooners play football.  If I watch the game then they will do bad......if I don't....will they at least have a better chance.  I didn't look once when they played Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and will........need I say more.  If you haven't heard the underdog (OU) won that game and my husband didn't have a heart attack.

I've been trolling the house lately finding all the cobwebs and cleaning out closets.  I have to make sure I get everything lined up before surgery.  When I'm home recovering I will see every dust bunny and every cobweb and it will drive me nuts because I can't clean it.  Sooooooo I'm getting it done ahead of time.  This is so I don't drive Ron crazy asking him to clean the ceilings etc.  (Aren't I thoughtful?)

So, onward we trod.  I am keeping all my marbles in my basket and I'm going to get through all this with at least a grin maybe a smile.


Olga said...

You are a trooper. Good wishes surround you.

Aunt Betsy said...

LOL! Glad you are back to English. Thank goodness for people like Lisa willing to help those of us who are a little technology challenged. Sounds like things are moving forward for your surgery. Before you know it it will be over with. Stay positive.