Friday, January 31, 2014


I don't have any weird phobias or at least I don't think they are weird.  I do have a problem with toads and frogs.  When I was a kid those little hop toads would gather on the front porch especially if the light were left on.  When my mom and dad would take us to the drive-in movie I would worry the whole time about the toads.  I knew they'd be all over the porch when we got home.  I wasn't afraid of them I just didn't want to touch one.

There was this incident that took place at the police firing range.  I had gone with my husband to watch him shoot.  The officers had to qualify with their weapons yearly and this was the qualifying day.  Anyway.......I found a nice place to sit in the grass a distance from the shooting (it was VERY loud).  I parked myself Indian style on the ground and had no more sat down than I felt my thigh twitch.  I thought it was like a spasm so I just massaged my leg and sat there.  It kept twitching.  Finally I lifted my thigh a little and there was a big ole frog/toad  I don't know which....but I'd all but flattened the sucker.  I let out a scream and took off..........followed by a lot of policemen with guns.............

I am also quite afraid of heights........A friend sent me this video this morning and there is no way in the world that I would take that bus ride. 

What are your phobias or quirks?


Olga said...

Like yourself, I have no weird phobias or quirks. I just never eat apricots because they feel funny.

Betty said...

I'm not afraid of heights, but I wouldn't do that on a bet. I have a few phobias, but I try to ignore them.