Friday, January 10, 2014

I need to find my inner Towanda!

I don't know why doctor's are so intimidating but they are to me and I even work in a hospital.

I saw the ortho today for my MRI results.  He had already told me he doesn't do hip replacements so I had investigated and found another doctor highly recommended but at another hospital group.  The doctor today just kind of dismissed me when I said I wanted to go to the other doctor and next thing I knew I was referred to one of "their" doctors. I asked for copies of my x-rays and MRI results and couldn't get them.  I was told a doctor would have to request them.

I have an appointment with the surgeon I wanted to see next Thursday but I'm supposed to bring the x-rays and MRI results with me.  Now, I'm stuck and don't know what to do.  I'll figure something out but I'm mad at myself for not standing up and being more assertive.

I guess I'll go back and firmly request my MRI results and x-rays since I paid for them.........they should be mine.  I'll just cancel any further appointments I have at this clinic.  I'm really kind of irritated.


Darcy Winters said...

I know exactly what you mean. I really need to fire my doctor, but I keep going back. I hope I can find my inner Towanda too!

Olga said...

They are your medical records! But isn't every thing about you, all medical records and test results, on line and available to you and any doctor you choose?

oklhdan said...

I just called and I can pick them up in the city at their hospital only they said they don't have the xrays but might next week.

Deb said...

Hang in there girl. Surgery is scary. I'm such a wimp I just cancelled a dental cleaning - my jaw still hurts from the one in Sept. That girl is *rough*.

They'd have to shoot me with a tranquilizer dart to get me into surgery, cause I'd be off the gurney and running down the hall! LOL

Hugs from Canada

Judy said...

You might also call the second doctors' office on Mon and ask them to request these records--tell them you can pick them up if that will speed up the process since you already have an appt with their doctor.

oklhdan said...

Good idea Judy!