Friday, February 15, 2013

Roses are red.............

I spent Valentine's Day in bed yesterday nursing a cold.  Of course I was kept company by Mike calling me every 15 minutes to see if I was well yet.  He's a hoot!

Ron and I exchanged Valentine cards but tried to keep all other exposure to a minimum so as not to pass my cold on to him. 

I went to the Urgent Care clinic yesterday seeking medical intervention but the waiting room was filled with 30 or more sick people so I left.  I figured if I don't have the flu I don't want to get it either.  I was pretty sure I just had a respiratory ailment that they couldn't do anything for anyway.  So I went back home to bed and aside from the laryngitis that is still lingering I feel better. 

Every Valentine's day I remember a boy who was in my Journalism class in high school.  He made me a valentine out of an index card that he had burned all the edges on the card.  Then he wrote "Roses are red, violets are blue, where this card's been you're going too."    I would have been insulted but he was a good friend and funny as all get out.  I just laughed....but I never forgot it either!

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