Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Self realizaion isn't easy

I've been enjoying my new Kindle Fire that I received for Christmas.  I've read three books since the holidays.  I'm still learning how to navigate it and getting used to how touchy the screen is.  I have changed the page unintentionally several times while reading.  But I really like it.  I haven't found the free books yet.  I'm not sure where to look for them.  I purchased two for 99 cents each and the third cost me $1.99.  Still a bargain!

Mike is doing well.  I've learned to relax and adjust to our new normal.  I always do my checklist when I feel like he's a little "out there".  I ask myself if he is a danger to himself or others and if the answer is no then I let it go.  Just because he sounds a little whack a doodle isn't necessarily a reason to sound the alarm.

Ron and I got him a new jacket for Christmas.  I thought it would be nice to wear to church.  But, Mike initially rejected it like a bad transplant.  It seems that it wasn't Univ. Of Okla Red and therefore he couldn't wear it.  Soooo he hid the jacket in his house and showed up for church wearing a plaid sport jacket that must have belonged to Omar the tent maker.  The shoulder pads projected about 6 inches out from his shoulder.  It was HUGE.  He had some wild pants on and he looked just like he had stepped out of a clown car.  What I failed to realize is that he really thought he looked sharp and my look of shock hurt his feelings.  I felt about 6 inches tall.  When I told Ron how ashamed I felt he said, "You were just embarassed for him."  The sad thing is I wasn't.....I was embarassed for myself.  I was worried what people would think of me.  That I wasn't taking  care of my brother.

It was another life lesson for me.  I have to remember that it is obvious that Mike is "different".  But that's OK.  Everyone treats him so sweet and nobody but his sister cares whether his clothes fit. 

I guess Mike has reconciled that his jacket isn't a betrayal to his favorite team because he wore it last Sunday. Or...he just wanted to make his sister happy!  Either way I told him he was one handsome man!


Arkansas Patti said...

Check out this site.


It lists the current top 100 free as well as the top 100 paid. I check the reviews (good and bad), then read the sample chapter offered when you click on "look inside". The list changes daily and what was free today might not be tomorrow. The hunt is fun.

Patrick said...

'self realization' for me means I am not ready for any of these high tech gizmos :) I just visit our local library pick out some books on CD (for free) and play then while on outings with Patti or exercising at the gym or walking.

Good for you embracing the 21st Century.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

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