Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please tell me....where have all the sane people gone?

Rep. Mark McCullough wants to see Oklahoma teachers armed and Cleet certified.  It is his belief that this would be a deterrent to another Sandy Hook tragedy in spite of the fact that there was an armed guard at Columbine but it didn’t make a difference.  At Virginia Tech there were armed guards across the campus.  That didn’t help either. 

Sometimes I think that the voice of reason has finally been silenced.  It is as if the NRA has achieved their goal of diverting attention from the huge gun problem in America.  Where is the NRA going to stop?  Do they want an armed guard in every classroom?  They are rushing to arm teachers and to make a buck of this most recent tragedy.   They want to arm teachers who have already been stripped of the ability to actually have a voice in the classroom, or latitude over their conditions at work or how they work with students.

Schools can be volatile places.  Sometimes tense situations arise between parents, teachers and administration.  Students can become disruptive and sometimes threatening.  It is not the environment for easily accessible weapons.

And what about the cost?  School districts are already strapped for money.  There are no funds for kids to have art and music.   They don’t have money for supplies or decent salaries for teachers.  Class sizes are too big

As usual our priorities get twisted.  Opportunists and special interests take over and influence the thinking of millions of people.  They use scare tactics to push their agenda.  They have managed to turn rational thinking human beings into paranoid vigilantes.  I’ve had to stop reading facebook because of  the gun waving NRA members who have decided the government is their enemy.  What happened to common sense?  Is our country so divided it has lost its way?
There is a group called Sandy Hook truthers who believe the entire tragedy was a hoax perpetrated by the government in an attempt to disarm America.  They claim it never happened!

 If you actually believe this garbage, then maybe you shouldn’t have the right to own a gun in the first place.

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Arkansas Patti said...

Couldn't agree more. Right now Arkansas legislature is voting on allowing guns in church. Good grief. Guess the NRA would like us to all buy holsters for our hand guns and practice our quick draw.