Monday, January 28, 2013

Never Too Late

Yesterday's Sunday school class was very inspiring.  The topic was about (I think)receiving God's calling and the many ways that may manifest itself.  

Now I've mentioned before that Ron and I are the youngest in the class by a minimum of ten years.  So it was especially inspiring to hear the stories of those who were willing to share with all of us.  

The first woman to speak was in her mid eighties.  Her calling occurred when she was 79 years old.  She had been an anthropologist by trade and was contacted by two University professors about publishing her master's thesis, written in the mid 60's, as a book.  The subject was about the Plains Apache Indians and the plants they used for food, medicine, etc.  It was far more technical than I'm describing here.  It was felt to be of significant importance because she had included in depth interviews with Apache elders who are no longer living.  The book would preserve their knowledge and history for generations to come.  But at the age of 79 it was a huge undertaking.  Much of the information had to be updated and researched again.  She said God gave her the strength and the stamina to complete the book which was published when she was 83 years old.
I wish I could remember her name and the complete title of the book....I'll try to get it next Sunday.  But wow......I was so impressed.

One by one others shared their impressive stories of accomplishment or service.  One woman in her late 80's continues as a volunteer teaching English to foreign students.  She's been doing this for 20 years.

Another continues as a volunteer in the Girl Scouts.  She's been an active volunteer for more than 35 years and coordinates the cookie sales for the entire state of Oklahoma.   At the age of 76 she's just a youngster!

The final speaker is a woman in her late mid 70's.  She is a WWII orphan.  Her father was killed in France when she was 8 years old.  She has a major in Journalism and minor in French.  She uses her French to help other WWII orphans or families of fallen WWII soldiers research and learn about how their loved ones were killed.  The stories behind their sacrifice.  

I left feeling very inspired by all these amazing women.

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kenju said...

Isn't it interesting where we get our life lessons when we least expect them!

Everyone has a story to tell, if we would but listen.