Sunday, October 21, 2012

Productive Saturday

What a Saturday we had yesterday.  The girls came over and we had a whopalooza yard sale.  Ron and I got the barn cleaned out and the girls sold off some of their teaching stuff.  It went pretty well.  Gorgeous day for it and we actually enjoyed sitting outside and visiting with people.  My son-in-law has arranged for Goodwill to pick everything up tomorrow that was left over.  So we are really cleaning house.....getting rid of all that stuff you thought you needed but turns out uh "not so much".

I haven't decided whether I'll be donating my piano or not.  I can't play it any more because of arthritis but it's hard to let it go.  I really don't have the room to just store it.  I guess keyboards have just taken the place of big pianos because you can't even give them away.

Today we hope to just catch up and get ready for another week.  We are both tired from the sale yesterday but glad to have it done.


kenju said...

I would love to have a piano again instead of the organ my mom traded it in for. Too bad we live so far apart.

Anonymous said...

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