Monday, October 22, 2012

Good Fellows

Mike brought me a progress report he asked a member of his Silver Sneakers class to write for him.  The woman he requested to write the report is a retired psych. nurse.  It was so funny I thought I'd share........... (the report is written in stages from when Mike first joined the class to present)

Progress report for
Michael Gene Simpson
At the request of
Michael Gene Simpson
Prepared for
Danise Marie Simpson Phillips

Stage 1: fetal position on the chair of the back row...participation in class limited to 15 minutes before exit.
Stage 2: controlled by Norman traffic patterns--length of participation in class depended on what he thought traffic was doing on his route home.
Stage 3: moved to the front row--nonstop participation.  Traffic patters no longer a concern.  MGS (Mike) in cultlike control of traffic; traffic yields to MGS; stays away from his path.
Stage 4: Swartnigger preparation for class:  could be seen lifting increasingly heavy weights each a.m.
Stage 5: took over teacher role of class (teacher absent).  Accepted as leader by group.  Since MGS is excited about Christmas, group was forced to exercise to Christmas songs.  Group is also forced to remember the full names of each member of his family.  Even though it's a challenge to the groups' memory, group is grateful to know of the important people in their leader's life.
Stage 6:  MGS is seeking managerial position at the gym.
Expansion (almost completed with a few exception:
Suspender phobia:  MGS was fearful that his suspenders would "let him down."
Suspender confusion:  after the big Okla. Texas win, MGS wore the wrong suspenders (wrong color).  He unwittingly had hoped that Kansas would win, even though they weren't playing.
Suspender neglect:  MGS had one suspender badly twisted in the back, so it took the group to straighten him out.

Conclusion:  suspenders only variable standing in the way of MGS.----------------------- THE END

Now, I don't know any of these wonderful people but I am so grateful to them for accepting my brother and for their kindness towards him. I'm protective of my brother and have always worried about how people will react to him when I'm not with him.  Now I can relax for he has found himself among friends and I can assure you they will be his life long friends!


marciamayo said...

What a character your brother is!

Muffy's Marks said...

He's getting there!!! Good for Mike to be involved with such a supportive group of people.