Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bad memory or just creative problem solving

I have a young friend who has a two-year old son and is just about to give birth to twin boys.  OH MY!  There lives are about to change dramatically but how exciting for them!  I've been thinking about her so much and remembering my days with newborn twins.  I can't imagine having a two year old to boot though. 

Looking back got me to thinking that my memory didn't just get bad when I got always sucked!

When my girls were little I sent them off to a dance recital but forgot to put their panties on them. 

I left one of them at the doctor's office.  But in my defense the other one made enough noise for two.  I didn't notice her sister wasn't with us until we got home.

I don't know if my memory was bad or I just had mom fog!

So, how do I explain it now or what do I blame it on?  I'm 63 years old and I keep leaving the remote control in the refrigerator.  I'm either spending a lot of time foraging for food or I'm just looking for a safe place to put the darn thing or better yet, I'm just hiding it from my husband so he won't change the channel while I'm gone.  


marciamayo said...

My favorite one was forgetting to put panties on the girls for their dance recital.

MerCyn said...

I never remember where I placed my car keys. It seems they are always in a different place. Of course they should be in my pocketbook, but that is too easy and obvious, I guess.

Mitzi said...

My neighbor gave birth to triplet boys this spring.. Add to that the 3 boys she already had. Can't imagine.

Betty said...

I keep trying to change channels with my cordless phone. It makes for a lot of eye rolling from my son.

Arkansas Patti said...

My favorite is to walk into a room and wonder what am I doing there. Think it is God's way of making sure we seniors get our exercise making us wander about.

Muffy's Marks said...

No underwear at dance class, OMG too funny!! I too find stuff in the strangest places, so you're not alone!!