Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a brother's laughter....priceless

The 60 tips I posted yesterday really resonated with me and I've read them several times.  Just realizing that I can't "fix" my brother has liberated me.  You'd think I would have already realized that but somewhere inside I didn't.  We never stop learning.

Yesterday he called me and told me that our older brother was mad at him.  He said Butch left a message on his answering machine and he was angry.  Mike was so upset and then said he was afraid to call Butch because he was going to yell at him.

I first just talked too I usually do....then remembered that trying to talk him out of it was just a waste of time.  So I volunteered to intercede.  I was pretty sure Butch was trying to tease Mike but sounded serious to Mike.
I was right.  I wanted to tell my older brother that teasing a schizophrenic probably isn't the wisest choice but decided not to....that's for him to figure out. 

I called Mike back and explained that Butch was only teasing.  Our older brother is an ex-law enforcement officer from LA so you can imagine how gruff he can sound.   Mike and I both came to the conclusion that Butch is crazy and we shouldn't take him too seriously.  Mike was belly laughing.  Then he started crying........"I don't know what I'd do without you."  

"Well, I'm still here so let's check that worry off your list."

"OK, CHECK".......more laughter!

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kenju said...

He is so lucky to have you!! Your older brother ought to have better judgment.