Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good Holiday

We had a good holiday weekend.  I felt the best I've felt in over a year.  My back pain was minimal and my hip didn't bother too much either.  I actually got my house cleaned without killing myself.  Hooray!

We went to my daughter's lake house for a fish fry and to meet her 1/2 brother.  What a handsome young man and his wife is very cute and sweet.  I'm just so happy he and my daughters found one another.  They are having a great time getting acquainted.  It seems surreal in a way to look at this young man and think that he is my ex-husband's son.  I didn't really see any resemblance of his father but at the same time there were similarities between he and his 1/2 sisters.  Weird......

My daughter Julie received a "friend request" from her father.  It had no message attached and Julie was furious.  She said he is 30 years too late.  It was odd that her twin sister received no such request.  Of course the last time he spoke to the girls he made it clear he wanted Julie but not Jamie (since she was most like her mother - me)  They were six years old at the time.  Good grief..........what kind of father says something like that?  So anyway, Julie just denied the request.

Again, all this just dredges up old hurts and memories better forgotten.  However, I'm extremely happy for my daughters that they found their brother.


Olga said...

I had a student who was devastated when her father asked her not to visit because she was "Just like her mother." Hard to believe there are two of them out there.

Muffy's Marks said...

He must be a real 'winner'. Good heavens! You should be proud of your daughter she has high standards!!