Thursday, September 27, 2012

Go Thunder

Today is Thunder Day here at the hospital.  The Oklahoma City Thunder mascot, Rumble, and a few cheerleaders are coming out this afternoon for a carnival with our patients.  

Rumble & Cheerleaders
This should be interesting.  I know when I was a kid a big hairy buffalo would have scared the bejeebers our of me.  It was really great of the Thunder to do this for our kids though.  Everyone is wearing their Thunder gear (t-shirts) and gearing up for the visit.

Well, Rumble just left and he was a "BIG" hit with the kids.  I only saw one child crying but the rest of them just loved the big ole hairy fella.  It was really great of the Thunder team to send Rumble out to visit us.


MerCyn said...

I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I should have aspired to be an Oklahoma cheerleader. But I think I am too short. But I might be able to wear the mascot costume. Interesting post-retirement career...

Patrick said...

This made me smile about the big harry buffalo as another friend of mine shares how even clowns can freak out kids when visiting at hospitals.

I guess you can never really know.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

marciamayo said...

It's amazing the good work ball teams do in their off time.

Olga said...

I could see my 5 year old grand son being freaked by the hairy mascot, but he would be taken with the cheer leaders.