Friday, August 3, 2012

Knock Knock - whose there? Unemployment

Well, Well, I guess I forgot to knock on wood before I announced that Ron's job had been saved.  They no more got a contract signed than ComCast backed out.  Looks like Ron's job will end August 29th unless they are able to solicit a new contract.  Bye Bye health insurance....thank goodness I have him covered under my plan.


Muffy's Marks said...

Uh-O, I am so sorry. That's a tough one. Good luck with it all. Prayers are coming your way.

Olga said...

That is pretty rough. Thank goodness you have him on your plan. My sister just learned that the agency she works for will be shutting down the branch where she works--no job as of Dec. 31. It was a complete surprise to everyone. They were summoned to the office for a big announcement. Most thought there would be news of expansion, maybe a raise. My BIL has big health issues and she was basically working for the insurance coverage. Positive thoughts for all.