Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Knob Twisters

My dad owned and operated a pawn shop for many years.  When the twins were little we would sometimes go down to the shop to see my dad.  He nicknamed the girls "The Knob Twisters" because they would hit the floor and start pushing buttons and turning knobs on anything they could get their little hands on.
This is Julie working over an adding machine.  Of course her daddy put her on the counter so she had help.
 This is Jamie sporting a cool pair of shades.  There was just so much to see and touch in PaPa's store.
 Poor PaPa he knew when he was outnumbered!  Sometimes I watch Hardcore Pawn on TV and think about how he would have enjoyed watching that show.  He had a lot of colorful people in his store but nothing like on that show. 

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Olga said...

He was born too early. These days he could be a tv star. My husband made his living with a motorcycle shop, specializing in antique American bikes. He went all over picking though barns and old garages for parts and then he retired before the tv shows became popular. he watches, but he doesn't think they are very realistic.