Friday, August 24, 2012

cautious optimism

Ron is interviewing for a new job this morning.  I am so grateful that something came up just as his current job was ending.  We talked a lot about just how much health information should he divulge.  He doesn't want to hide anything but at the same time he doesn't want to say too much for fear it will cost him the job.  So we decided he should tell them he was diagnosed and treated for renal cell carcinoma 3 years ago and that he has CAT scans every 3 months for follow-up.  He has one scheduled in Sept.  This way if the scan indicates he has to have surgery it won't be a big surprise to the employer.  It's really hard to know how to handle these situations.

My daughter struggled with whether to tell potential employers about her disability.  As a teacher she didn't know whether to tell a potential principal that she has severe dyslexia.  Of course it never takes long before people know about it but she does such a great job of compensating that they are usually impressed.   But you never know if a potential employer will give you that opportunity to prove yourself.

I cooked dinner for Mike last night.  He worried me a little because he was sounding so goofy.  He was going through his list of rituals and he had that glassy look in his eyes.  Basically he wasn't making a lot of sense.  His phone calls during the day have increased.  Usually he just calls and says, "Ask me how I'm doing" and then replies, "I'm doing GREAT" in a loud and booming voice.  So, I'm not sure what's going on.  It is enough to concern me and I may call the new psychiatrist to confirm his next appointment.  Just makes me nervous!  His behavior may just be a response to the fact that I haven't been with him much lately.  I just haven't felt good and with therapy I haven't had any extra time.  He's really dependent on me and when I'm out of reach he gets anxious.  


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