Thursday, June 28, 2012

You tell me whose crazy!

Mike had another anxious evening.  He called me and told me again he was having suicidal thoughts.  This medication change has really thrown him into panic mode.  I suggested calling Dr. T but Mike is afraid to because he said, "Last time he sounded mad".  Mike also thought his friend Loyd was being mean to him yesterday.  This really surprised me because Loyd is Mike's buddy.  When I asked him about it Mike said, "Loyd hates Obama and he even said the "F" word."

Poor Mike, he's paranoid about Republicans...........but I'm not sure if that's crazy.

I reminded Mike that Loyd is his good friend even if they feel differently about politics.  I told him we can't be paranoid about everyone who hates Obama or we'd never be able to leave the house.  I don't know if Mike bought it but I tried. 

I'm going to call his psychiatrist today because I'm really worried that his symptoms are increasing and I really don't want another hospital stay.  They do more harm in the psychiatric hospital than good. 

I just called the clinic and they will see Mike tomorrow at 10:30.....hooray!


Olga said...

God bless him--and you, too, of course.

Arkansas Patti said...

Could the meds be causing this? Half the meds advertised on TV tout suicidal thoughts as a side effect. Hope you both get some relief soon.
Had to chuckle at your remark about his paranoia about republicans.

Paisely Brook said...

according to my husband, just about anything can be directly blamed on a republican.....

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