Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Instigator

Ron and I have the pleasure of keeping the "Instigator" for the next 3 weeks.  Bella is my daughter Jamie's dog and she is one of 3 dogs that live in her abode.  Jamie and her husband Chris are traveling through Europe and hired a house sitter to care for their animals.  But Bella was sent to stay at Grandma's because she is the instigator of all the fights.  She really should have been an "only" dog.  She was weaned way too early and never socialized so now  she hates the other animals.  But as you can see she is a queen at our house and she absolutely adores Ron.  She's such a ratty mess.  She was "expelled" from her last groomers because she wouldn't behave.  She's definitely the problem child:)

I'm meeting Ron at the oncologist's office at 3:00 pm today.  Of course I didn't sleep much but that is typical.  I'm always anxious before we get the results of scans.  You'd think after 3 years of this I'd get used to it but the fear of losing someone you love is something we never get used to.  I can't believe I was so lucky to have this wonderful man in my life.  I'll take every minute God sees fit to give us.

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Judy (kenju) said...

And I hope he sees fit to give you many, many more!!

Cute dog. We have had similar ones with egos the size of houses....lol