Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CT Results

The test results were two-fold.  The kidney looks good but the spot in Ron's lung had grown some more.  The surgeon cannot do a needle biopsy so the only way to check it is to open him up.  The oncologist and the radiologist recommended waiting 3 more months and do another CT scan and if their is more growth go in and take it out.  The growth was so minimal they don't want to do such an invasive surgery until they are a little more convinced it is necessary.  There is a chance it is benign but with Ron's cancer history it isn't worth risking. 

So this gives Ron 3 months to get himself psyched up for surgery.  I was just so relieved his remaining kidney looked good and I see this as a positive.  His oncologist says there is still a chance for a cure no matter how slim.  That's music to my ears.  As long as there is hope!

Ron is such as easy going person but when he gets this kind of news he gets angry.  I think it takes him a while to process what they are saying.  He gets mad because they can't give him a definitive answer.  The oncologist said he would be in intensive care for about 4 days following surgery at that shook him up.  He knows there will be a lot more paid associated with this surgery than there was with the kidney surgery.  So it doesn't look like we will be taking a trip in October if he has surgery.  We will just have to plan it for the following Spring.


Muffy's Marks said...

Praying its a simple fix. Good news so far.

Arkansas Patti said...

Keeping you two in my prayers. I can understand Ron's frustration.
I have bladder cancer and the doctors say the only thing certain with it is that it will come back which it has several times in the past 12 years. Not that it won't be very treatable then but it is normal to really want a point when cancer is no longer living as a cloud in our thoughts. Hang in Ron and appreciate the good news about the kidney.

MerCyn said...

Good to hear there were some upbeat readings and hoping for the best down the road.