Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miraculous Healing

The lawn mower had a miraculous healing and started working this morning.  Ron was getting ready to take it back to the shop for repair and decided to try starting it one more time.  Hallelujah it started!  He tried it 3 more times to be sure and 3 more times it started right up.  We have no idea what was wrong with it but I assure you the cord would not pull.  It was stuck tighter than a drum.  But this morning it was healed.  Finally, we caught a break.  Ron was happy and that makes me happy!

Yesterday I received an email from a friend letting me know that President Obama is a racist.  I think this finding is based on the fact that he is appealing to the African American voter.  I guess if you appeal to the affluent white voter you are an elitist.  Ron tried to tell me that the fury is because if Romney asked for the white vote he would be called a racist.  Gad....this crap just makes me furious.  



Olga said...

I always want to believe that machinery can miraculously heal itself. I want to believe that if I turn my radio up really load the car engine will resolve any problems it may have had. I want to believe the sky is always blue. Sometimes it is.

Muffy's Marks said...

Equipment that have motors or engines will make one crazy.. Whatever with the racist thing.

Arkansas Patti said...

It was just on strike. It wanted a day off and got it the only way it could.
I hate election year for all the idiotic emails that arrive.