Friday, May 4, 2012

Assertive or obnoxious, that is the question.

In my attempt to assert myself with the contractor I realized I'm also trying to assure myself that I can stand up for myself when necessary.  Something I've never really been good at doing.  Since Ron and I married last year I have let go of a lot of my control.  I started letting him handle things.  I think I'm trying to remind myself that I can still handle things even if he were not here.  I guess I'm just constantly reminded of Ron's cancer and the possibility of losing him.

The company tried to back out of their responsibility for the job stating they didn't know the contractor had even done the work.  I sent them a copy of previous emails where they indicated they would do the work and then one from the contractor introducing himself and stating he worked for the company I contacted.  I told him just what we were unhappy about and that I expected them to stand behind their work.  I'm now waiting for a response.

I hope this works out but either way I'm taking comfort in the fact that I have stood up for myself and expressed my displeasure.  Normally, I'd just take the hit and move on.  I'm just not going so easy this time.



Betty said...

Sometimes it takes being obnoxious in order to be heard. Especially for a woman. Your other options are to hire someone else to fix/redo the job at further cost, or just live with it and get angry at the original company or at yourself every time you look at the mess. When it comes to hiring contractors,
if one of us is going to be mad, I'd just as soon it be them.

oklhdan said...

Thanks Betty.......that's exactly what I think also. Every time I look at it I'm going to be mad at myself if I don't at least try to get something done about it.