Thursday, March 22, 2012


I've been pondering lately....That's me pondering except for the red hair....................
The older I get the more I think the world has gone nuts.  Did I get smarter or did everyone else (meaning politicians) get dumber?

President Obama is visiting our state today.  But when President Obama landed at Tinker Air Force Base last night in Midwest City, Oklahoma, he was not greeted by any of the state's leaders, such as the Governor or Lt. Governor or even the person in charge of Oklahoma's Energy Department. They are all Republicans and are all... supposedly coincidentally... out of the city or state. Instead, he was greeted by Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett (Republican) and Midwest City Mayor Jack Fry, along with Major General Bruce Litchfield and other military leaders at Tinker Air Force Base.

Governor Mary Fallin and her family were on vacation in Puerto Rico but are supposed to return on Thursday, March 22nd. Lt. Governor Todd Lamb is at a conference in Washington, D.C.
The President is scheduled to appear in Cushing, Oklahoma today in order to speak about his support the of the southern portion of a pipeline to transport oil from Cushing to refineries in south Texas. Since Oklahoma's top leaders are out of town, Secretary of Commerce Dave Lopez will attend the event in Oklahoma.

The fact that Oklahoma's so-called state leaders 'snubbed' the President of the United States is totally outrageous. Oklahoma state leaders should at least have respect for the office of the President of the United States and, therefore, should have given President Obama the warm and friendly welcome for which Oklahomans are known.The fact that none of the state's Republican leaders could find time to personally meet and greet President Obama just goes to show that the state's leaders are ignorant and have poor judgment. Hopefully, their actions will not be interpreted as a reflection of how all the citizens of Oklahoma think and feel about President Obama.

Good grief!  It's so pathetic.  Our governor is a work of art.   It's not easy being a democrat in this red-neck, republican state.


Betty said...

The Republican Party these is certainly no class act. If Obama wins reelection (please, God), I hope he does everything he can to keep Oklahoma and all the other states whose leaders pull this kind of thing get NO government assistance during his term. But, he probably isn't as vindictive as I am, worse luck.

I swore I would never again comment on a blog that had word verification, but couldn't resist this one.

Arkansas Patti said...

I agree. The pettiness of politicians is a pitiful, painful, putrid pile of poop. And that's the truth. Gosh I love allieration.

oklhdan said...

How do you get rid of the word verification? I've tried to figure it out but haven't been able to so far.