Monday, December 12, 2011

The weekend was quiet except for all the coughing and hacking from Ron and I.  We didn't even make it to church Sunday which is not usual for us but we didn't want to spread our "good cheer" to the entire congregation.  A sacrifice that I hope God appreciates!  

One thing that is fun from this is Ron now has a sexy deep Sean Connery voice to match my deep Lauren Bacall imitation.  The only time I don't sound like an 8 year little girl is when I have a cold!  Now is the time to record my answering machine message.  There are times when I use my youthful sounding voice to my advantage.  Every time a solicitor calls I just tell them my mother isn't home.

We have been applying for assistance for my brother Mike.  He is already on Social Security Disability from which he draws $700/month.  Applying for state assistance was really hard but we wanted to try and do everything we could to help Mike.  After completing the application process we received 5 letters on the same day.  One said he was approved for food stamps, one said he was denied food stamps, one said he was approved for medical assistance, one said that since he didn't reply to the previous letter his approval was denied, and one said he would receive $16.00/month for food assistance.  Good grief...$16.00 doesn't even cover the administrative cost.   Ohhhhh well.........Government whether Federal or State level is such a mess.  No wonder we are in a recession.

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Arkansas Patti said...

Been where you two are and feel for you. I was compared to Tallulah Bankhead but then I have older friends.
Feel better soon, there is life after.