Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

    Ron in the traditional Christmas Tree Hat!
       Mike and daughter Julie
             Daughter Jamie with her loot!

        Son-in-law Larry with funky lights!!!!!!!


Arkansas Patti said...

All those smiles are a pleasure to see.
Hoping you have a wonderful New Years and a stress reduced 2012.

Olga said...

Looks like a merry time. Why no picture of you though? Hope your New Year's Eve is as fun, as festive, or as quiet as you want. Happy New Year.

Judy (kenju) said...

What Patti said! It's nice to see the photos. Ron's a cutie!

LC said...

Found you via marcia mayo. Couldn't resist a visit to a blogger who admitted to having the attention span of a gnat!

What a journey you are on. May 2012 bring good for you and those you love. Will be back.