Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What next? Locust and Frogs!

Well, between earthquakes, tornadoes and floods it's been a busy time here in Oklahoma.  Fortunately we have suffered no damage other than one broken picture frame.  It's just a bit unsettling since earthquakes are something we are not accustomed to at all.  I remember my dad telling me when I was a kid that one had caused a crack in our living room ceiling but I never believed that story.  He was such a big teaser you didn't know what to believe.  He also told me it was snowing in August.......

I've been worried about Mike since last year's earthquake is what set off his psychotic break but we've been keeping a close eye on him and so far so good.  I had a neurological exam lined up for him and the Indian nation had made a referral but when I checked out the doctor he had nothing but horrible reviews.  Out of 25 reviews not one was favorable.  Words like arrogant, rude, condescending were used a lot not to mention quack and incompetent.  I canceled the appointment!  I was afraid of someone causing more harm than good and I don't need that.  So I'll look for another neurologist on my own that I feel more comfortable about.

Ron's CAT scan is coming up in about a week.  Please send positive vibes our way.  I always get a little crazy just before he has a scan.  I'm afraid to be optimistic and afraid not to be.  I have to talk myself through it and just take a deep breath.  The average life expectancy for his type of cancer is 5 years.  We have made it 3 years now.  The only sign of anything are the 3 spots on his left lung.  It's still a cliff hanger whether the original cancer will come back.  It has been 7 months since the last surgery.  It was 6 months after the first surgery that it came back.   I'm literally holding my breath!  He's everything to me.

Yesterday's Safety Committee meeting turned into a "remember when" session as the meeting came to a close.  In the committee there are 3 individuals over 60 and one in her 50's and the rest are 30 and under.  Interesting mix of individuals.  The walk down memory lane began when one of the 50's mentioned that she had been in her attic the other day and retrieved some old albums.  Her kids 15 and 9 had no idea what these relics were.  This led to a discussion on party lines, drive-in movies and 8 track tapes and the days before cell phones.  The young ones were aghast hearing about the archaic conditions in which we lived.  If they only knew!


Judy (kenju) said...

My grandkids are aghast too, but they don't ask many questions about the good old days.

I wish you the best with the scan and also with Ron.

Olga said...

I'm bouncing all the positive energy I can muster your way.

MerCyn said...

Thinking of you and wishing only positive news next week.

Arkansas Patti said...

The good vibes haven't stopped. I know how you feel. I have had check ups every 4 months for over 10 years and get a bit panicky each time.
Wishing you only positive news.