Friday, November 11, 2011

Penn State

I am so saddened by the scandal at Penn State.  Of course I'm sickened by the alleged actions of Sandusky but it is the indifference that was shown by so many that really sickens me.  All the way from the coach who witnessed the molestation in the shower and didn't stop it to the administrators who were more interested in "saving the program" than saving children.   Children were expendable but the "football program" wasn't!  It just makes me so sad.  

Our country has been suffering from the consequences of greed for too long!  Do children also have to pay the price?  I guess that's not a new concept....remember what it was like before child labor laws?  We don't think much about our most precious commodity.  Just look at how we pay teachers!

I was so disillusioned seeing the Penn State students rioting in the streets because their football coach was fired.  Really?  That's what drives you to protest?  Football?  We have young men being blown up in Afghanistan, children were raped on their campus and they are upset that "The Coach" got fired?  Why that may scar them for life.

It's all just sad!


Judy (kenju) said...

It is more than sad; it is obscene that is happened and it is obscene that it was allowed to continue.

Patrick said...

The student riots over the firing of the coach, I agree, was the epitome of delusion in the middle of an absolute horror story unfolding.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Arkansas Patti said...

The whole ugly affair is just mind boggling. Don't think we have seen all the dirt yet.