Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I was in a really frazzled state last week.  Too many people with too many problems all needing something from me and I finally felt the pressure.  I just wanted to run away and not leave a forwarding address.  But of course I didn't but Ron saw to it that I got out of the house Sunday afternoon and we turned off our cell phones and just drove out to the country.  It was just what I needed......time to myself!

My daughter is better.  She had her cast changed yesterday and is going back to her classroom today.  I did her ironing for her Monday night because the poor kid can hardly get dressed let alone iron.

My niece (who is bipolar) is on the verge of being homeless.  I am paying to have all her furniture moved into storage but I cannot invite her to live with us.  It's just too much!  It makes me feel horrible but in this situation I have to say no.  Her mother finally offered to let her stay with her and her husband but my niece is refusing.  Sooooooo she will have to deal with the consequences.

My brother is better this week.  I think he sensed I was on overload and he backed off a little.  He is seeing his psychologist about the choking phobia and the eye phobia and all the other phobias he deals with.  I love him but his paranoia is exhausting at times.  

I told my son-in-law that I just can't be the only sane person in my family.  He said jokingly....."well, the bar hasn't even been set that high."   I had to laugh at that one.

Thank goodness I am married to the kindest, most loving, most understanding man on the face of the planet.  He is what keeps me going.  

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Patrick said...

"turned off our cell phones and just drove out to the country" = priceless

Now that you came back = responsibility above and beyond the call of duty.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick