Thursday, October 20, 2011

Frost on the Pumpkin

Well, there was frost on the pumpkin this morning!  The first frost of the season for us.  Hopefully the allergy sufferers will begin to see some relief including my brother.  Mike won't have to wear his "pollen" hat much longer.  He has a ball cap he calls his pollen hat because he doesn't want the pollen to fall on his head and into his eyes.  He won't even answer the door without his pollen hat.  He says the pollen comes in through the front door and lands on his head.  I'm not questioning his theory, sounds plausible to me, but I don't have dread of the dire consequences like he does. :)  He's a character!

Mike proudly called me the other day and told me he took a shower without his goggles and snorkel.  I was quite impressed.  I think he was trying to show me he was getting better because he thought I was about to go over the edge myself.  But all is good........I'm back on track.


MerCyn said...

I love the change of seasons, would not want to live in an area without the changes, but am not looking forward to a old winter.

marciamayo said...

Mike sounds good, so does his sister.