Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mike Update

Mike saw the doctor yesterday and we were able to get a referal for a neurological exam.  I've wanted this ever since he got out of the hospital.  I'm hoping it will explain the sudden cognitive impairment and give us an idea of what is ahead for him.  In addition, we were able to get a Medicare referal for a home health nurse.  She would fill his med planner and monitor his medications.  That will just help him out financially and it will give me some help with his meds.  If this doesn't work out I'm looking at the Phillips medication dispenser program.  It looks like a possible option.  Right now I fill his med planner every week but I also have to call and remind him to take his medication 4 times a day.  I'm looking for anything that will help with this and the Phillips program may be the thing.

Saturday night Mike watched the Okla/Florida State game with Ron.  I had convinced him he could stay up long enough to see the game.  BIG MISTAKE!  It threw him into a tiz the next day big time.  He just has to stay on a schedule.  We won't do that again!  I had to stay home with him Sunday because he wasn't functioning well at all.  He's much better today.  It just took a day or so to get him back on track.

So,  we are a work in progress.  Learning something every day and coping the best way we can.  Sometimes I think I get so wrapped up in taking care of Mike I forget about Ron.  Things are going good with Ron right now and I kind of put his cancer on the back burner until the next PET scan.  I worry that I'm not being diligent although I don't know what to be diligent about.


Arkansas Patti said...

Good news that Mike can have a visiting nurse to help him with his meds. That has to help you out.
As for Ron prior to the Pet scan, you have nothing to be diligent about except to except to enjoy that hunk of love.
First comment got eaten, hope this one makes it.

marciamayo said...

And your diligence is keeping the world turning, right? I thought it was mine.