Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grouchy old lady? Maybe.

I get really frustrated these days when I'm driving down a neighborhood and suddenly in the middle of the road is one of these.....                 
There are children everywhere and playing near the street if not in it.  I can't help but wonder "What are the parents thinking?"  I may be old but I wasn't allowed to play in or near the street as a kid.  That's what backyards were for.  I didn't allow my children to play near the street either.  It isn't the responsibility of the public to keep my kids's MY responsibility! 

  This little guy isn't going to do it! 

I did some research on this and this is what I found.  There are a lot of towns and cities that ordinances against using these traffic signs.

The signs do not work. Traffic studies have shown that they do not slow drivers or heighten attention to children in the area. Instead, parents and children become less cautious, which could cause accidents and near misses to increase.
Signs and cones are confusing and distracting to motorists.
If an unauthorized sign and cone caused a motorist to have an accident, this could lead to liability issues for those who placed the signs and/or cones in the street.
Most accidents involving children are not caused by driver behavior but by the unsafe actions of the children. Because of this, we have found that focusing on educating children and parents is substantially more effective at preventing accidents than focusing on driver behavior.
If children are allowed to play on a quiet neighborhood street, they may feel that it is safe for them to play on any street, even though other streets may have much more traffic traveling at higher speeds.
I have tried to back out of my brother's driveway to find myself blocked in by primary colored cones..........and 20 kids playing in the street.  OK...exageration but at least 5 kids.  It really does irritate me!


Patrick said...

First of all the apocalyptic warning from Blogger is gone when opening your blog, yeah!

Never seen such cone people, though I have encountered my share of street hockey nets in the neighborhood. To be honest I don't mind even enjoying a moment or two of watching before the kids skate up and move the nets aside.

As a kid myself we played kick ball in the street though it was a dead end street with no through traffic just neighbors.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Olga said...

But then how will we teach the next generation that absolutely nothing is their responsibility--mom and dad have it all under control??
It is now the law in Vermont that motorists must watch out for bicyclists who now feel empowered to ride abreast down the middle of the road and never pull over for car traffic. That makes me crazy. I think the one who bears the greater risk of being hurt also bears the greater responsibility of following safety rules.