Friday, September 9, 2011

A Better Day

    Mike had a much better day yesterday!  Just when I think I have lost my ability to cope and I'm at my wits end God steps in.  I got just the break I needed and am ready to start over.  In fact I'm the one who called Mike last night because I HADN'T heard from him since 2pm.  He was fine, just tired from his busy day.  He volunteered at the church thrift store yesterday, something he really enjoys and he was tired. 
    Ron and I have a lot going on this weekend.  We are going to a memorial service for an old high school classmate on Saturday.  I hate the fact that we are now at that age when we are losing many of our friends but I guess this is where we are in life.
    I've been watching documentaries on 9/11 and we saw one last night on flight 175 that flew into the World Trade Center.  They interviewed family members who spoke with their loved ones during the highjacking.  One set of parents were watching the plane on tv while talking to their son on th phone just as the plane went into the tower. I was ahhh struck by the calmness in his voice.  It made me think that I would have felt lucky to have been able to speak one last time to my loved one.  I hope it gave those family members some sense of peace.  I can't imagine induring such pain.
   Ron and I will be attending a meeting Sunday night with several different religious leaders of varying faiths in our community.  It is an opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen our communities.  I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say.


Arkansas Patti said...

There are so many tales of courage from that fateful day. Tales that make me feel small in comparison. But then, we fortunately don't get tested.
Those brave souls and their families do need remembered and acknowledged.

Olga said...

I was struck by the guy who carried a woman in a wheelchair down 60 flights of stairs and out of the building. He declines to be called a hero because he went past so many fire fighters go UP the same stairs to rescue others.
The good in the human spirit...

kenju said...

I am glad to know that you have had a better day. How you can live on that see-saw of yours astounds me.