Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OK, I realize I'm a newlywed and all that but honestly......I have the sweetest, kindest husband I could have ever hoped to have.  He's the most thoughtful man and I have never felt so cared for and loved in my life.  It is all the little things that make a person feel loved.  Enough mushy stuff.......but I just had to say it.

Last night Ron talked to me about the possibility that he may die.  He's never used the "D" word with me before and it wasn't in some dramatic, morbid way.  He was very matter-of-fact and just wanted to go over some things that he thought I should know.  Since we have kept our finances separate he wanted to make sure I know how to access his retirement etc.  He told me he wants to get a Living Will done and put things in writing about his wishes.  I was so glad to hear that and it has been something I've tried to encourage him to do.  I'm glad that he is now ready to do these things but it makes it all very real.  I've sort of kept everything in the back of my mind because he hasn't been ready to talk about it but last night there was a definite shift.  He's ready now.

We are trying to fill each day with as much love and fun as we possibly can.  We celebrate our anniversary the 7th of each month and we are counting months instead of years.  Each day is a gift!  I so love this man!

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Arkansas Patti said...

Actually those are smart moves for everyone regardless of health or age.
Keep opening those wonderful gifts.