Thursday, July 14, 2011


My wonderful brother Mike just completed his second day as a volunteer at our church's thrift shop.   He is scheduled for a 3 hour shift on Thursdays.  This was a match made in heaven as my brother spent his entire life working alongside our father in his pawn shop.  I'm so grateful to the ladies of the church who decided to take a chance on a 63 year old man with schizophrenia.  Their kindness and patience reflects just what all us humans should strive for in our own lives.  This has meant so much to my have purpose in his life and it gives him an opportunity to contribute to the lives of others.  I am thankful to our church for not just talking the talk but walking the walk.  When they said they would find a volunteer opportunity for my brother they backed up their words with action.  

One of the biggest dangers for the mentally ill is isolation.  This opportunity to make friends and feel needed is the best medicine in the world for my brother!


Olga said...

That is wonderful...and really what church is about.

kenju said...

I think that is terrific!! I hope it goes well. Does your brother watch Pawn Stars?

oklhdan said...

I think he has watched it Judy. He doesn't watch a lot of tv anymore because he has a little trouble keeping up.