Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Early Birthday Present

Since tomorrow it will be 62 years that I have been inhabiting this earth I decided to purchase an early birthday present.  I bought a car this morning!  It only took 16 years of shopping to find just what I want.  OK...not 16 years but at least two. 

I bought a Nissan Rogue which is the car I have wanted for the past two years. I was just waiting for the perfect deal.

I'm very happy! It actually has a working air conditioner....which in this 106+ temperature, is very nice to have.


Arkansas Patti said...

VERY NICE. I am guessing that is the color.
I can't believe you have done with out an A/C in this heat.
Looks like a road trip is now called for. That would be a nice extra present. Enjoy your day.

marciamayo said...

Congratulations on another year and some new wheels.

Olga said...

Congratulations on your new car and Happy Birthday.