Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cuckoo's Nest

I'm going with my brother to his psychiatric appointment this afternoon.  He has a new psychiatrist that I haven't met yet and I have a list of questions for him.  Mike always gets "concerned" when it is time to visit his doctor.  He starts worrying that he will change his medicine or that he won't get his prescriptions.  All unfounded worries but it stresses him out all the same.  His anxiousness began the moment he got up this morning.  He called me at 8am stating his eye hurt.  He can't drive.  

After some discussion and convincing him to use his artificial tears he calmed down (a little).  I told him I didn't have time to go pick him up so he will have to get to his appointment by himself.  I had arranged for a taxi to pick him up but he was immediately worried that he might have to share a ride with a stranger.  I told him he isn't living in New York that is very unlikely.

So....wish me luck!  I hope he gets there.

He also told me yesterday that he really wanted some tuna salad.  So of course I went straight home and made him some.  I called to tell him Ron would bring the salad to him this morning but he responded, "I don't need your salad, Betty (his neighbor) made him some.  He does this to me every time.  He will tell 15 people he wants something and then we all show up at once..............I gotta stop falling for this trick!  :)   Anyone care to have a sandwhich!  I have plenty!


Olga said...

Yeah, sometimes one can be crazy like a fox, manipulating the caregivers. Good luck with the new doctor.

marciamayo said...

Once again, you are a saint and a funny one at that.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope his new doctor is a good one. That alone might have caused some stress. He does keep you on your toes doesn't he.
I had my first tuna salad in years the other day and wonderer why I had avoided it for so long. It is good. Hope Ron likes it.