Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Under My Umbrella

My daughter Julie and I like to create children's picture books. This is one we are working on now. I write the poems and she does illustrations. We just make them for her class but they are fun. Julie didn't do this picture but I didn't have her drawings on my computer. She does beautiful drawings complete with animals etc........ (of course I'm not bias) :)

I have a big umbrella
Under which I like to hide.
I close my eyes and there I see
The things I feel inside.

Underneath my big umbrella
There are endless things to do.
I can be a movie star
And a super hero too.

Last night I talked to mermaids
Underneath the deep blue sea
And all the whales and dolphins
Swam around with me.

I went way up to outer space
Just the other day.
I hugged the moon and kissed the stars
And rode the Milky Way.

The rain forest in India
Is where I learned to climb
Of course the monkeys taught me how
They do it all the time.

I led a jungle safari
Where I was the bravest guide.
On my own, and without help
I tracked a lion pride.

Tomorrow I might fly
In an airplane across the sea
But you can bet my umbrella
Will be along with me.

When I am under my umbrella
There are endless things to do
My only wish is to do them all
With a friend like you.

But now my mom is saying
It’s time for me to sleep
But all the thoughts I have inside
Are mine alone to keep.

Because I have a big umbrella
Under which I like to hide
Where I can close my eyes and see
The things I feel inside.


Patrick said...

Wonderful idea! Home made books must be intriguing and maybe even inspiring for the kids.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Arkansas Patti said...

I really, really like that and if I were a kid, I'd adore it. Very well done.

marciamayo said...

well done indeed!

Olga said...

That is such a nice thing that you do with your daughter. When my daughter was in elementary school, she often wrote poems and illustrated them. I always gave a copy to her teachers. I hope they appreciated that.