Friday, June 10, 2011

Still being employed full-time I begin planning my weekend chores on Friday morning.  Just how much can I squeeze into 48 hours?  I have trouble mixing work and pleasure, too much work a very little pleasure (according to Ron).  

But I actually enjoy the routine maintenance of keeping a home.  I love to mow the yard because you can visually see your progress.  I love to clean house and make everything fresh and ready for a new week.  I'm one of those weird women who also likes to iron clothes (even in a world of no iron fabrics) probably for the same reason I like to mow grass.  I can see my progress as one-by-one I hang freshly pressed clothes on the rack.  All these things were things I did alone.  They kept me busy and my mind occupied while affording me a sense of accomplishment.  

But now that I am married and sharing my life with someone else I have to balance work and play.  Something I'm still learning to do.  

My weekends now include caring for my brother as well.  He shares our Sundays with us, first with church followed by an outing to his favorite restaurant.  He and Ron will usually watch some kind of sporting event while I tend to some chore.  This weekend I'm going to make mini-meatloaves for Mike.  (He loves meatloaf)

My plan for today was interrupted when we received a surprise rainfall.  I had planned to go straight home after work to mow the yard but that appears to be unlikely right now.  I guess I'll just be thankful for the rain and revise my plan.


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Arkansas Patti said...

I agree on lawn mowing. You see the results. Cleaning a clean house is a real yawn.