Thursday, June 2, 2011

Odie and Garfield meet again!

My daughter Jamie and her husband Chris are animal rescuers. If there is an animal in need of a home they quickly volunteer to take in the homeless and often sick animal. This is a trait that they have both had since childhood, rescuing everything from “lonely” turtles to motherless baby squirrels. The problem is they can’t bear to let the newcomer go so finding homes for these wayward pets is usually not part of the equation.

Right now they have two rabbits, a half blind, tailless cat that was severely burned and her tail cut off by some heartless individual. Her name is Tilly and after recovering from her serious injuries was taken into their home to share space with their two dogs, Sophie and Bella La Grossy. I thought their family was complete up until two weeks ago when a newcomer arrived named Olivia. She’s a two year old, black and white, floppy little Shitzu. Ron and I went by last night to she how she is adapting to her new environment. She is going on her 3rd week in their home and by everything I saw last night, adapting quite well. She and Sophie have become great friends while Bella La Grossy wants nothing to do with her.This is no reflection on Olivia since Bella wants nothing to do with anyone.

But what is really funny is the relationship between Olivia and the cat. Tilly just hisses under her breath at Olivia and Olivia is totally oblivious to the cat’s disapproval.Olivia looks just like a cartoon……you almost see her little black eyes roll in her head. She is mesmerized by the scraggly, tailless cat and follows her everywhere. Taking advantage of this fascination the cat has started leading her admirer into the bathroom where she then entices Olivia to jump in the bathtub behind her. Once Olivia is in the tub, Tilly jumps out and exits the room leaving Olivia trapped and unable to climb out of the tub. In order to stop this Chris & Jamie were making sure the bathroom door was closed when they left the house. Then one day they found it open after they were sure they had closed it and sure enough there was Olivia sitting in the tub patiently waiting their return. This kept happening all week long when Chris decided to put up a motion camera to try and figure out how this was happening. It took one day to catch the one-eyed cat on film jumping up and swiping the doorknob until she managed to get it open.  There on camera was Olivia sitting and waiting until she could follow the cat inside. No more than 10 seconds later the cat emerges alone………….

They have now changed the doorknob on the door and have resorted to locking the door when they leave the house!&

The kids left today for a 10 day trip to Italy. My heart goes out to the 19 year-old house sitter!


kenju said...

What a funny story!! I feel for the sitter

Arkansas Patti said...

I love your daughter's heart about animals. That video should be sent to FHV. Should be worth big bucks that could buy lots of pet food.
The dog reminds me of Charlie and Lucy in Peanuts where Charlie keeps falling for the football trick.

marciamayo said...

That is exactly why I love cats. What a funny story.

Olga said...

That is hysterical. That cat is just plain naughty.