Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm going home this afternoon to meet the plumber.  Our outdoor faucet seems to have an issue.  When I turned it on expecting water to come out of the didn't......I went in the house thinking my sprinkler didn't work (even though it is new).  But to my surprise I found water on the floor in the dining room.  The room on the other side of the faucet.  There was dirt and water all over the floor.  This can't be good!  

But what really made me call the plumber was when the washer drain backed up and water flooded the laundry room.  Time to call the plumber!

Married life is great.  One month married and still happy as a lark.  Even though my laundry has tripled.  I swear Ron must go home at lunch and change clothes.  I've never seen a man go through so many clothes in one week.  Or.....I must have been a real slob all this time.  If I haven't worn something very long I hang it up and wear it again.  Is that uncooth?  Or am I just lazy?

Oh well, he's worth the extra work.  He's a sweetie.  He makes the bed every morning while I'm in the shower and I have even stopped re-making it.  I don't care if it hangs too long on one side.  We're the only people who see it.  He insists on cleaning the kitchen after dinner.  He says since I cook.....then he cleans.  Good trade.  And I've stopped wanting to go behind him and "re-clean".  I just sit back and enjoy the help.

So all in all we are adjusting and enjoying married life.  I still have to pinch myself to make sure it is real.  I was always content being single and 34 years is a long time but I had no idea how much I would enjoy being married.

Ron said that what he loves about being married is knowing it is HIS footsteps I am listening for at the end of the day.


marciamayo said...

What a sweet post. You do, however, need to train Ron on wearing clothes more than once before washing.

Betty said...

You're right not to go behind him and redo whatever he has done to help you. Do that enough times and he'll stop and you'll have it all to do. Glad you're enjoying married life.